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Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives. Otto Adang's homepage about behavioural research on the Arnhem Zoo chimpanzee colony, the film 'The Family of Chimps', the book 'The most powerful chimpanzee of the Netherlands' and much more.

The most powerful chimpanzee of the Netherlands, Life and death in an ape society. Book by Otto Adang. "A compelling story, scientific facts written in an open style, richly illustrated with numerous photographs: a must for all chimpanzee-fans!"

The Arnhem Zoo chimpanzee colony was established in 1971 with the object of providing a habitat which would both be suitable and large enough for the maintenance of a chimpanzee group of natural composition. It was hoped to give the animals  the opportunity to behave as naturally as possible with the minimum of interference by humans.

Research in the Arnhem Zoo chimpanzee colony Co-operation with the University of Utrecht has enabled extensive behavioural records on the Arnhem Zoo chimpanzee colony to be kept since 1971 according to a standard procedure. Research is conducted on many aspects of the chimpanzees' social behaviour.

The Family of Chimps is a film by Bert Haanstra and was filmed from July - October 1983 in Arnhem Zoo, the Netherlands. It is a piece of cinematographic ethology and received an award as "best Dutch scientific film" of 1984.

Sexual bargaining among adult male chimpanzees: through "sexual bargaining" a male may gain undisturbed matings in return for favorable male-male agonistic support. Via pre-invitation grooming the willingness of males to keep their side of the "bargain" may be assessed. Abstract of a paper in preparation.

Separating interventions between adult male chimpanzees: the balance of power in the chimpanzee male triangle was maintained by Nikkie - and separating interventions were an essential part of his strategy

Teasing, harassment, provocation: The development of quasi-aggressive behaviour in chimpanzees. Summary of  Otto Adang's 1986 thesis.

Parallels between humans and other animals Over the years, endless discussions have taken place about similarities and differences between man and other animals, especially apes.What use is a comparison with our nearest relatives?

The regulation of influence positions in a chimpanzee society. Studies of the social processes observed in the communities of higher primates, including our work in the chimpanzee colony of Burgers' Zoo at Arnhem, reveal that infuence may be achieved by a process of societal transactions.

Chimpanzee links. Chimpanzees share over 98% of their genetic material with humans. Behavioural research, both in Africa and in zoos, has given us a lot more information about the behaviour, the way of life and the social and intellectual capabilities of chimpanzees.

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What does it mean to be an ethologist? Ethology: the comparative study of behaviour

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De machtigste chimpansee van Nederland. Informatie over chimpansees, het CV en de  bibliografie van Otto Adang; commentaar op het boek 'De machtigtse chimpansee van Nederland'

Chimps onder elkaar: cinematografische ethologie. Bert Haanstra en Otto Adang vertoonden hun film "himps onder elkaar" aan de chimpansees van Burgers' Dierenpark in Arnhem.

Sociaal gedrag bij chimpansees  Chimpansees hebben hun woongebied in of nabij de tropische regenwouden van Afrika. Zij vormen gemeenschappen die een gebied van vele vierkante kilometers doorkruisen. Binnen die gemeenschappen vormen zich kleinere subgroepen, die voortdurend van samenstelling wisselen. Tekst van artikel door Otto Adang

Pesten, plagen, provoceren. De ontwikkeling van quasi-agressief gedrag van chimpansees. Samenvatting van het proefschrift van Otto Adang, gebaseerd op gedragsonderzoek aan de chimpanseekolonie in Burgers' Dierenpark, Arnhem

Pesten: chimpansees en mensen. Jonge chimpansees pesten, plagen en provoceren hun volwassen groepsgenoten. Pesten bij mensen, vooral tussen kinderen onderling, staat volop in de belangstelling. Gaat het om vergelijkbaar gedrag, met vergelijkbare oorzaken en vergelijkbare functies?

Kunnen managers leren van apenleiders? "Succesvolle bedrijven hebben een leider als Nikkie [de machtigste chimpansee  van Nederland] nodig, die zowel samenwerking als leiderschap tentoonspreidt, om kan gaan met spanning en verzoening propageert. Zeer krachtige individuen die goed onderling samenwerken, beïnvloeden het bedrijfsresultaat positief."
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